Terraform is a very powerful tool used in DevOps practices to maintain Infrastructure as Code and it uses a state file. But what does it mean?

Imagine that you are an interior designer and you have an apartment to decorate. You have an assistant working for you to buy furniture and place it in the apartment. He has an inventory that he’ll keep updated every time he adds, moves or removes something from the apartment, while you design your project in a digital 3D model of the apartment.

In this case the apartment is your platform, the assistant is Terraform

If you don’t know what career change I recently went through, you could have a look at my previous blog “How I changed my life in less than 12 months”. To summarise, I just got into Software Development via a bootcamp, Makers Academy and I am currently 6 months into my new job as software developer.

Photo by NESA by Makers on Unsplash

I was just reflecting about my past year and how different the challenges were, each step of the way.

In this blog, I decided to split my journey into stages and list the toughest challenge I went through in each one of them.

If you’re thinking of a career change into Software Development, you might wonder how long it could take you and loads of other questions. Let’s see if I can answer some of them!

Context: I’m a recent bootcamp graduate who’s about to start her FIRST JOB AS SOFTWARE ENGINEER! Wohoo!

Disclosure: this is my experience, therefore it can help you have an idea, but you may imagine that every story is different depending on many factors.

Let’s have a closer look to my past year:

- June 2018

Last year about this time, I was not-too-happily employed in Events Management, having graduated in…

Here we are! Career preparation kicked-off and the pressure is rising.

The first questions were answered a couple of blogs ago: What do you want to do when you grow up? Why and how?

Now the question is: Where?

We are currently in week 7 out of 12 and we met up with the careers team to make sure that we know who they are, what they can do for us and to also make sure that they know what we are looking for.

Will I try a big company with loads of support and training? Will I go for…

Me again, your fish who’s starting to swim, reporting from halfway through week 2.

I guess I survived the first week and I have felt alright, slightly overwhelmed at times but mostly due to the whole new situation, nothing specifically code-related.

My beloved To-Do list for week 1 looked a little like this:

  1. get through the first day: check! Easy one!
  2. get some sleep: check?
  3. don’t schedule plans for the weekend: check…
  4. figure out the weekend challenge on time: is closing my laptop at 4am considered on time?

Yes, I did for real close my laptop at 4am, but on…

If you haven’t read my first blog, you should know that I just went through what people call a “quarter-life crisis” or better just: desire of a big change!

The fact is that I didn’t live it as a crisis at all, but I did feel like I was not meant to continue on the same path for much longer.

After deciding on my new path: Software Development; and choosing the right course for me: Makers Academy; I got myself a good laptop and started working on the admission requirements: Ruby on Rails online course.

The truth is that, I…

There was a moment I realised I was a fish and people would be willing to pay me to swim, so I jumped back into the water and stopped trying to climb a tree.

As I made the change, it all fell into its place. However, I had to go through few steps which were not always easy.

Why did I decide to change career?

As I grew in my previous career (hospitality and hotel management), I felt less and less engaged with the job as moving up and getting experienced, would mean dealing less with the actual administrative work that I enjoyed and more with personal…


DevOps Engineer in London, UK.

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